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Dr. Gary Wormser and the IDSA Lyme Disease guide writing panel

The Lyme disease community is dying a slow and painful death. This panel is denying scientific evidence of Long Term and Chronic Lyme Disease. the Fact that it is epidemic world wide shows that your guidelines are NOT working. Your panel is denying the Lyme community the proper care they need to LIVE!! your panel also puts the few doctors that will HELP out of BUSINESS!!! Even the CDC admits that after 30 days treatments can become more complicated and require more drastic treatments (Long term Antibiotics), but yet you and your panel refuse these proven scientific FACTS. you and your panel took an OATH to treat the sick and injured with the best care and treatment you could to THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY!!! You sir and your panel should be forced out of business for violating your Hippocratic Oath. You know we are dying out here. you see the epidemic!!! You see your guidelines are not slowing down nor stopping the mad spreading of Lyme Disease. We ask that you rewrite and re research ALL Scientific evidence and come out with new guidelines that really HELP the Lyme community. we ask that you severe your ties to conflicts of interest in the guideline writing processes or step down as head of the Lyme Disease guideline writing.


Chris Romano

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