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National Rifle Association Executive Director Wayne LaPierre National Rifle Association President James W. Porter National Rifle Association Board of Directors

Recently, your organization launched a new campaign targeting grassroots groups like the Sierra Club and venerable institutions like the San Diego Zoo, simply because of our efforts to keep unnecessary toxic lead shot out of our environment. Your campaign is called "Hunting for Truth," but you certainly haven't found any, and we urge you to end this disingenuous campaign immediately.

In its supposed "Hunt for Truth," the National Rifle Association has miserably failed in its stated mission by inexplicably overlooking the scientific consensus. There is widespread agreement in the scientific community that the discharge of toxic lead ammunition poses "significant health risks" to both humans and wildlife. [1] In fact, among the wildlife being poisoned by the lead shot left behind are the California Condor and the bald eagle, the bird adorns the NRA's very own logo.

In the interest of preserving these national icons and protecting our own health, more and more voices from hunters to conservationists are echoing the call to end the use of lead shot and transition to effective and affordable non-toxic ammunition.

Non-toxic, non-lead ammunition is so effective that even the U.S. Army is making the switch along with hunters across the country. According to a major study, the price and availability of lead-free bullets are on par with the more toxic lead option.

You have picked the wrong fight and the wrong facts, as your campaign denies science and makes claims that simply cannot be backed up, while rejecting viable alternatives that are already on the market. And despite your lack of evidence, you are targeting scientists and wildlife advocates.

We will not be intimidated by these tactics. Stop needlessly endangering our nation's most majestic wildlife and end this deceitful campaign immediately.




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How this will help

This petition will help push back on the NRA and make sure the public knows the truth about toxic lead bullets. Together we can protect America's wild birds!


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