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Attend the rally at the US Capital May 3rd, 2014 in Washington DC

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How this will help

Taking this pledge publicly states your support of making communities safe for humans and pets and that you willbe attending the rally at the US Capital in an attempt to end BSL (breed specific legislation) and abuse/dog fighting.  The time is now, for us, as a society to be the voice of the millions of voiceless victims and offer solutions to help end this national epidemic.  PLEASE join me now in committing to attend this historical rally. WE NEED YOU!  #endabuse #endbsl (*note-this is a HUMAN ONLY rally.  Four legged types cannot change laws it's HUMANS who must be their voice.)

CLICK HERE to see what Barack Obama and I have to say about BSL in the Huffington Post

THANK YOU for believing in change and knowing you have the power to make our society a safer place for all living things.

With deep gratitude,

Rebecca and Angel

*for updates on the march follow Rebecca Corry on Twitter


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