Pledge to

Speak out and Educate others to End Human Trafficking

This pledge closed about 2 years ago

How this will help

It will help End Human Trafficking via Education of Healthy Masculinity Programs.

Speak Out

MEN ... Protect Women and Children.  Nurture and Provide for them.

DISAPLINE is Guidance and Instruction.  Never is DISAPLINE defined as Punishment, Beatings or Abuse.


End Human Trafficking Worldwide.


"Some Woman Named Teresa In Nebraska"

Human Trafficking Survivor, Advocate and Future Therapist

Owner of W.C.A.I.C. (Women and Children Affected by Internet Crimes)

Call 888-3737-888 / (888) 373-7888 for Help, Assistance or Information.

(Polaris Project)

Supported by W.C.A.I.C.

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