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Laws need to be changed to regulate the animal industry so that it will decrease the population in the shelters, lessen puppy mills, abuse , euthanasia and homes can be found for the animals in the shelters. People are oblivious to the amount of animals that are killed each day, which is 5500 dogs and over 8500 cats. The total amount is 6-8 million a year. The industry can be regulated by limiting the breeders to one pregnancy per year, having pet stores take in shelter dogs for adoption, micro-chip every animal that is sold or adopted that would be added to the cost,mandatory spay and neuter every animal ( with in 6 months if newborn), registry for owners, breeders and every rescue, transport and shelters. Nationwide communication between shelters if the animal is adopted by another agency to be sure that they are legit and that no harm comes to the animal. Develop a registry of animal abusers including individuals, groups and adoption agencies.


Arlene Kay Reed

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How this will help

It will help to get public awareness that we can change this situation, so that no more innocent animals have to die needlessly because of out ignorance.

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