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Private Diamond Mining industry, Northern Cape.

Alluvial Diamond Mining is very destructive process and only pebble beds are left after mines are abandoned. In Warrenton, after 100 years of mining, nothing has been rehabilitated because there is no top soil left. All topsoil is washed down the river which in turn threatens our Aquatic Eco-Systems. The Largemouth and Smallmouth Yellowfish (species (Labeobarbus kimberleyensis and Labeobarbus aeneus) breed in the lower Vaal River in the proposed mining area and the sludge washed into the river cover the pebbels and gravelbeds they breed on.

As a tourism attraction, the Vaal River is Warrentons only source of income and destruction of the river and natural resources will jeopardize job opportunities for hundreds of people while one man will once again try and find diamonds that has been mined out almost a hundred years ago.

Trees has vanished from our habitat, cut down for mining purposes in the late 1900's. The river bank are pebble beds and now African Wildlife and Eco-Tourism is in danger for something not benefiting the community at all.


Jaco Deventer

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Please sign our petition in order to save our Eco-System and our heritage, ruins sating back thousands of years that will be simply destroyed leaving nothing for us to go back to.

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