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Dr Femi Okurounmu,The Chairman, National Dialogue Advisory Committee

We the citizens of Nigeria demand that a Sovereign National Conference is what we need and we urge you to recommend this position to the President. Another national dialogue or conference will yield no results, we have been there many times before and we have not made any much progress. Since Nigeria still have deep rooted injustices all across our great Nation, it is our resolve to state what we the citizens want and not what a few elites want for us as a nation.

Our President has given your committee the latitude to determine the name to call the discourse, we the Nigerian people insist on the word ''sovereign'' to be the focal point of the conference. It shall be called Sovereign National Conference which will guarantee the seriousness of the proposed conference. We the citizens of this great Nation Nigeria must be proven wrong this time with a litany of failed promises in the past.

By this petition, Nigerians are using this opportunity to individually submit their memo's of the make up of the conference, the sort of a new Nigeria they want to see, the type of Government they want to see. Be it a true federalism or regional Government where the 6 geo political zones will have a Prime Minister in charge of their region and we have a ceremonial President which in other words a very weak centre with most of the powers devolved to the region.

This to us is the only way the problems that continue to exist today will be solved, let every zone control what they have and contribute to the centre.


Anthony Akabogu

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How this will help

Citizens of Nigerians to take ownership of this National dialogue and use this petition to submit their memos which will involve among other things their expectations of the conference.  

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