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Stop Wildlife Crime

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How this will help

African and Asian countries are reeling under a poaching crisis. Ruthless criminal networks are plundering the wild to supply skyrocketing demand for illegal ivory, rhino horn and tiger parts. As a WWF supporter, you know that wildlife crime is the most immediate threat to wild elephants, tigers and rhinos.

WWF is urging governments—particularly those of demand countries such as China, Vietnam, Thailand and the U.S.—to strengthen law enforcement, invest in more boots on the ground and commit to long-term demand reduction efforts. But we also need your support to stop demand for illegal wildlife parts and products.

Please pledge to stand with WWF and help stop wildlife crime:

  • I will never buy any illegal wildlife products, as I know that demand drives poaching.
  • I will be a committed advocate in support of rangers and others on the front lines of conservation.
  • I will share my passion about stopping wildlife crime with my friends and family.
  • I will urge the U.S. government to continue championing efforts to stop wildlife crime at home and abroad.


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