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Moms Across America is committed to empowering millions to educate themselves about GMOs. We want the world to know that their children get better when they got off GMOs and eat organic food. Donations will provide essential flyers for Moms to give their neighbors, doctors, teachers, churches, hospitals, child care centers and restaurants to empower our communities. If we don't buy toxic food, they can't sell it. If we don't eat it, we can prevent serious consequences to our health, families and society. We can transform the food industry. We are a 501C8 in partnership with the CA State Grange.

Each flyer affects the future of a child and family struggling with health issues or prevents health issues. You help create help and freedom in America for generations to come!

$20.00 supports 250 flyers

$200.00  supports 2,500 families

$2000.00 supports  25,000 families

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