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I am starting this petition in the hope that it will help end a great injustice that is taking place against the children in Denver. I had always believed that the Denver Department of Human Services Child Support Enforcement Unit was in place to help ensure that every child who is owed support will get it. That seems to not be the case. Countless parents are being made to struggle to fight a system that seems to be tilted to helping the non-custodial parent from paying their court ordered support. Parents like myself are often told they can’t locate the absent parent so we do the leg work to get addresses phone numbers turn them in and nothing seems to happen.
In my case my son’s father has always been in arrears he currently owes over 15,000.00 dollar in back support to me. He is married has been for 14years and is currently running a tattoo shop out of his home the same home he has lived in since my son 5 years old. He runs Facebook and twitter pages for his business Northstar Ink where he daily post pictures of the tattoo’s he does for people and recruits future business. He has even posted pictures of new equipment he buys for the shop. When I call my child support technician to ask why no contempt has been filed in my case because his last payment of support was Feb 6, 2013 in the amount of 20.00 dollars nowhere near the 187.00 dollars he is under order to pay I am told they can’t locate him.
So I then go around searching to verify his current address and phone numbers. Once done I call in and are then told that because he is receiving food stamps that CSE wont file a contempt against him. I have been told that if I chose to file a contempt myself then CSE will attach itself to my contempt case. It seems completely unjust that a person can own and operate a business in Colorado and still not be made to pay child support for their children. I asked my technician “so you are telling me a person can own and run a business in Denver and not pay their child support” his answers was yes. For 16 years I have battled within the court to enforce my right to receive my child support. Michael Lee Ramirez my son’s father has been found in contempt 3 times and each time I had to ask for a contempt to be filed I had to locate him in order for CSE to serve him. I am disabled with cerebral palsy living off social security, meanwhile this man his wife and children live in section 8 housing while he works for cash in their home. The system is supposed to be in place to help people not to be used as a shield to hide behind no parent should be allowed to pick and choose which children they will support and which ones they don’t want to. The procedures CSE follows needs to be fixed they should be actively trying to locate absent parents filing contempt cases without waiting for the custodial parent to ask them to.
It is my hope that the law makers in Colorado will change the law so that in order to hold or renew a valid business license in Colorado a parent must pay their child support. Because withholding a driver’s fishing or hunting license isn’t enough. For the countless parents who are facing this struggle and the children who aren’t getting what is rightfully their financial support from these business owners Please do something to balance the scale because every day without that financial support is a day the children go without the basics they need to survive.


Maria Arguello

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How this will help

It will help change the law in Colorado so that in order to hold or renew a business license the business owner must pay there child support or forfeit their license. It will help to prevent...

It will help change the law in Colorado so that in order to hold or renew a business license the business owner must pay there child support or forfeit their license. It will help to prevent business owners from falling through the cracks of current Child Support Enforcement Standards. At this time they are allowed to own businesses make money and not pay their. You must have 6 months of non payment before child support will file a contempt and the custodial parent in most cases has to ask for a contempt and help locate the parent.   

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