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It will remind the Mayor she is the Mayor of all classes of people regardless of color and economic status. The message of request for certain individuals and  end the display of ethnic cleansing from these areas of interest,  these actions of her and her colleagues are offensive and disrespectful to the rest of her citizen's, who would also like new buildings and non harassment by certain police officers to be able patronize and enjoy quality shops, quality buildings to open restaurants. We are tired, instead of old ragged unsafe buildings , for our stores and entertainment venues. Racial background has guaranteed restrictions for some groups of people who only ask for community empowerment,  cleaner community , social engagement &  equal opportunities on construction crews for these  new projects now under new development without ethnic faces, on the construction or ground worker's. No neighborhood modernization for minorities on many streets, neighborhood  yet for our enjoyment, presently but the same old buildings sitting in  filth, of old non-refurbished buildings or old unkept run down homes, that are reportedly taken over by the City of Syracuse.  All Syracuse Citizens should have the same respect and interest by any Mayor. That Mayor should be conscientious of the message she allows to be sent to our communities, where we see daily disadvantages and for years no change. You can see a racial profile of syracuse neighborhoods by the city planners of  buildings. Obvious & intentional lack resources put into the development ,  police diversity training lacks & community relations are terrible, even to a visitor. Lack of jobs leads to poor health, hunger, school absences, lack of job performance for parents to lost income, which is all interconnected challenges for our communities, such as the gap between whose getting the resources given by NYS for Syracuse and Who gets the most funds to rebuild and reinvest in which communities? The gap between those in poverty and those on a path to succeed, has been the same for too long. and Arresting, Blacklisting, keeping folks locked out of equal access as afforded to the mainstream individuals is not justifiable for the answer. SUPPORT THIS EFFORT TO GET FUNDS FOR YOUR NEIGHBORHOODS AND DREAMS. MAYBE THE MAYOR CAN GET THE CRANES UPS FOR YOUR COMMUNITY RENEWAL, SIMILAR TO " DOWNTOWN" , JAMES STREET & EASTWOOD AREAS.

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