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Pray for Russia's religious culture to begin reconciliation with LGBTQ community.

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In response to A petition to Navanethem Pillay, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, a professor of Asian studies shared the following comment on a discussion board:

If we are to promote the love of Jesus towards the LGBT people, to the churches in Russia. We should communicate that via our western churches to their churches and leaders. Not petitioning the UN to raise action. It's a difference between church and state. Religion is a big part of the culture in Russia and other Eastern European countries. If the religious leaders unitedly speak against discrimination of the LGBT people, action WILL be taken and their voices WILL be heard both by the Russian people and the government. People will be taking a difference stance on LGBT people, if their religious leaders revise it publicly. Also we should keep it in mind that a lot of people are rather 'culturally' Christian rather than 'born again' Christian. They do not read the Bible, but they do listen to their religious leaders.

Roman Catholic and Presbyterian churches in East of Europe united with Christianity from the culture of West? Western and East European churches have been working together for a long time. For example during the communism era, missionaries from the West came to the countries in Soviet Union to spread gospel. My parents are converts because of such missionaries. Keeping in mind that the Soviet Union was a state of Atheism. Visitors from the West have been coming to the Eastern European churches and talk about God from the age of communism to today. The frequency of such visitors depends on the denomination of a church.

Regardless of your spiritual or (non-)religious practice, let's pledge to pray for and/or keep our thoughts upon Russia's religious leaders and community so that reconciliation between they and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer / questioning community will begin.

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