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I would like to let you all know what the latest activities have been in Romania with RAR.  Funds for 50 spays/neuters have been sent to Bistrita to start the spay campaign there.  Dr. Tavi (who was trained a while back by Dr. Aurelian Stefan in the Veterinary Training Camp on spay/neuter skills, courtesy of RAR sponsorship) has already started the spays.  The Dream Team will be traveling to Bistrita to do a large campaign this month.  Thank you for your help with this!  

In the past couple of weeks we have had a campaign for 86 spays/neuters in Silistea Snagovului, for the Peasant Dogs of this village near Bucharest. During this campaign Dr. Aurelian Stefan also handed out our education booklets to some of the village children.   Thank you to our Swiss friends from Einsatz fur Tiere for helping to fund this project.

We also had our monthly  campaign in Tecuci again for 48 dogs and cats for free spay/neuter.  Thank you to our friends at Sterilize Dogs NL for help ing to fund this project.

Our ongoing campaign for the free  spay/neuter for now 4000  animals in Craiova continues, with funds donated by RAR for 100 spays and additional funds raised for another 80.  Want to help this campaign?  Please go to this link and see the great work being done in Craiova by the RAR team!

Meanwhile, Dr. Cristina successfully passed the Veterinary Training Camp and now is doing keyhole spays in her community. 

Dr. Cristina Petre's testimonial:"The Veterinary Training Camp has provided an unique experience for me, made possible through Dr. Aurelian Stefan's guidance. Although I was a little nervous at first Dr. A gave me confidence and helped me do my best. The air was peaceful and nice during the five days of training. Thank you Dr. Aurelian Stefan, Romania Animal Rescue, Inc team and my sponsor who made this possible!" ( Sponsored in memory and in honor of the dog Sasha)

 Thank you to RAR donors for sponsoring this invaluable service!  Here is our forum about the Veterinary Training Camp:

Sandra Venema will be starting an auction once again to benefit the animals of Romania on Saturday, October 19 for RAR.  

For more help in Romania with fabulous vets and techs, more education in schools and at community events, more vital veterinary training, and more free emergency vet treatments, please donate to   Paypal:  [email protected]

Your donations allow us to provide this great life-saving work in Romania for the animals!  Thank you.


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