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The star of the programme is Leonora and she is a very special orangutan.

She's a pioneer, setting out on a journey that could decide the fate of all the orangutans currently in the care of BOS Foundation. 

With her three year old son Lamar in her arms, her epic journey back to the wild – her "great ape escape" - begins at Nyaru Menteng and finishes back in the treetop canopy, in a protected rainforest area under the guardianship of BOS Foundation. It's a long way from what she's used to. Orphaned as a baby, she's spent most of her life at the Nyaru Menteng sanctuary. She's leaving behind six hundred other orangutans, all of whom are relying on her for their chance at freedom. Because if Leonora can make it, they can too.So please spread the word and watch the programme on October 4th - World Animal Day - on BBC2 at 9pm. See the difference the people of BOS Foundation are making to the future of the Orangutan and come to know the difference you can make too.

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