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Food and drog administration

This campaign is important to me because I believe that animals have the right to be treated with love, dignity, respect, and care as much as we do.

It is important to get involve in animals rights, because discrimination does not stop with humans it also affect our animal. We have to make a stand to say NO to discrimination against all living beings of our planet... Our home!

If for some reason you care more for the planet than animals, I want to tell you that the biggest pollutant of the planet follow by automobiles is animal 's waste. All the concentrations farms were animals are abuse, kill, mistreated and torture to supply the human population that consume meat and poultry, are not disposing properly the animal waste. And as a result the people living closed by, are also been affected. Labs are also a big source of animal torture and abuse in USA and the world.

I am asking you to help to end the concentration farms and labs practice of abuse, kill, mistreated and torture of all these innocent animals just to get rich and other reasons.


Esther Meg

How this will help

This petition will help to  bring awareness not only to the public but also the government.

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