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President Obama, Senator Harry Reid and Speaker John Boehner

Mr. President, Senator Reid and Speaker Boehner

Due to your inability to work together the government was forced to shutdown leaving millions of American's wondering what exactly you are doing to serve?

As part of this government shutdown many Americans are missing work, missing paychecks, and unable to access key agencies.

One of the most unfortunate groups effected by the government shutdown are members of our veteran community who are now unable to attend the memorials many of them have traveled thousands of miles to come see.

Brothers and sisters who served this country, were told today that they cannot pay their respects to these fallen hero's. Monuments were barricaded and in some cases security officials placed between them and the monuments.

What makes this even more surreal is that many of these veterans effected today served during WWII and the same people who stormed the beaches of Normandy were forced to storm the grounds of the very memorial built in their honor.

The American people have had enough. Partisan politics have gone too far.

The Veterans of this country deserve better!

We ask that during the government shutdown you keep our memorials open. Allow our veterans to visit these memorials and pay their respects.



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How this will help

To bring attention to the inability for our veterans to visit their fallen brothers at various memorials in D.C. due to the government shutdown. 


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