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Jackie and Ian, a couple from UK travel with their motor home across Eastern Europe in vacation. While in Brasov, they found a senior female dog, about 10 years old, with a HUGE tumor. There was nobody they could address to help this dog. They searched for charities, veterinary clinics, compassionate people. No luck. They parked the motor home in front of my mom apartment and this is how a neighbor found out and told me that they search for ROLDA. Their ONLY hope for this dog. Today, they called me and also called Marianne Cross our representative in UK. We went to the vet clinic and the dog had a blood test, the result will be ready in a few days. Than we will decide if she can have a surgery, what type of tumor is, more about her health. 

Ian visited the ROLDA large shelter. See Photos Album here:

Meanwhile, we named this dog BELLY and she is in our care, sharing her kennel with another disabled dog saved from the steel plant, thanks to our friend Miki who works there. She spotted a young dog limping. Probably she was hit by a car months ago and the fractured bone healed with no specialized help. I can't imagine the amount of pain that this dog had trying to recover alone, with no pain killers.

This dog is named Miki, after the person that saved her. Miki is very sociable, wants people attention and hugs, she is mobile, but you can see she has a problem with the leg that sutured after the fracture in a wrong way. She helps moving using that leg which has no wounds, so probably it's best the leg not to be amputated. But a surgery might occur to make her walk normally.

The medical investigations for these two dogs cost about 400 EUR.

You can also help us by: sponsoring their kennel for 50 EUR/month or sponsor one of these dogs, Miki or Belly for 10 EUR/month.

Donations welcome by PayPal to

TOGETHER we are able to save dogs from Romania streets, dogs that would be destroyed in the next weeks. TOGETHER we save safely, away from people rage, each dog at a time! 

Thank you from my heart, Dana and ROLDA team


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