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on 5/14/13, the foster coordinator at CCAS, mark peters, and I pulled William from the shelter. we carried him to the vet for xrays, and from there he came straight to my house. he has been here EVER SINCE, through four surgeries and months of rehabilitation. I signed a contract with Camden county Animal shelter (ccas) to foster for them, I asked ATNIL to help fundraise for him as a 501c3 and to help me find him a home after his recovery. I never signed an agreement of any kind with All They Need is Love as a foster parent, and they do not have a legal transfer/release from CCAS. When I asked about his remaining fundraised money and why it couldn't go into an account for him, I was told there was "no extra money." when I heard this I was confused and had a lot of questions. at that point, ATNIL stopped communicating with me and sent police to my house on 9/19. I decided to adopt William into my family for his own safety after many doubts were raised in my mind by ATNIL's actions, and on 9/23, I did just that , I adopted William from CCAS. He was then registered in my town and he has been living here happy & nurtured, getting healthier every day, since day 1. I have had him in my care 100% of his days since he was pulled from CCAS; ATNIL did not have him for one second. They have no right to do this; william is my dog. we will fight to get him back. William philippe belongs here with me.


Shanna Dugan

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Show your support against EGOTISTICAL animal "rescues". In the end they only hurt the animals....


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