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Jon D. Litner, Group President, NBC Sports

In a recent episode of the NBC show Under Wild Skies a hunter shot and killed an elephant. For those of us who are working to protect and preserve these magnificent creatures, even one elephant killed is one too many. We would like NBC to acknowledge the efforts and the dedication of The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust , Kenya in trying to save every elephant they can and the resources required to return them where they belong. At a time when NBC should be promoting conservation and protection, they chose to do the opposite. We are requesting NBC to make the right choice this time by choosing to support The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in their anti-poaching and conservation efforts and most of all their elephant orphanage project. We are requesting that NBC donate $500,000 to support their efforts.


Soumya Naidu

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How this will help

This petition will help The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust with much need funds required to carry on the wonderful work they do to preserve and protect Africa's wildlife


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