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Last year, 7.8 percent of Marin County parents – a 1 percent increase from the previous year -- opted for “personal belief exemptions,” which allow them to send their kids to school unvaccinated against diseases like measles, chicken pox and whooping cough. Even with the tough new measures being introduced to cover the "personal belief exemption", it still creates the potential for large groups to fall outside the “herd immunity” threshold.

The bill AB 2109 is a step in the right direction, but it's really not enough. If Washington State is a precedent, a similar bill resulted in only a 25% reduction in parents opting out. The reality is that even such a drop in California would still leave certain districts with children at really high risk, given that this would still leave them outside the 95% threshold.

Recent outbreaks of diseases that have long been dormant are evidence enough of the need for Government to step in and be the adult in the room.


Marc McCole

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This petition will help ensure the health of our communities, and prevent a flawed movement from disrupting the well-being of others. 

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