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Help Stop Discrimination Against PTSD Veterans

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Evidence of how a State Supreme Court attorney was allowed to openly mock a veteran for his PTSD

The veteran, Jack Cunningham formally accused this high level state attorney, Robert Correale and his former law firm, Maynard & Truland of Legal Malpractice. Robert Correale and Maynard & Truland couldn't fight the clear evidence against them, so Correale openly mocked the decorated, combat veteran in his sworn Supreme Court Certification.

Not feeling victimized by being mocked, but even more motivated, the PTSD veteran turned around and accused Robert Correale and Maynard & Truland of perjury within their sworn Certifications to New Jersey's Supreme Court. Two weeks later, for reasons unknown, Robert Correale resigned his Supreme Court position. A few years later, Correale regained his Supreme Court position, and still retains it.  Now, he is back judging other New Jersey attorneys on their attorney ethics.

After 10 years, Vietnam veteran Jack Cunningham is still fighting for answers from his state. But New Jersey is still protecting Robert Correale, Esq. and his former law firm, Maynard & Truland.

Please help Jack Cunningham bring justice to Robert Correale, Maynard & Truland, and those in New Jersey government, who have protected them. Take the pledge to help…

Cunningham has been trying to get answers from Governor Chris Christie, but Christie does NOT answer his communications. For years, working together in the same NJ county, Robert Correale and many of the attorneys at Maynard & Truland are Chris Christie's personal friends.

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