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Buzz Home Depot and Lowes on Facebook & Twitter!

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How this will help

The Organic Consumers Association, along with Friends of the Earth, and other protectors of the environment have called on Home Depot and Lowe's to stop selling plants coated in neonicotinoids. Neonics, as they're not-so-affectionately called, are a class of pesticides considered largely responsible for killing off the honeybee.

So far, neither Home Depot nor Lowe's has responded to our petitions. So we've designated this week as "Swarm Home Depot and Lowe's Week." How can you help? By tapping the power of social media, of course.

Here's what to do. First, visit Home Depot and Lowe's on facebook and ask them to stop selling bee-killing pesticides and pre-poisoned bee-friendly plants.

Next take to twitter. Here are a couple of tweets for inspiration, but you can create your own messages, too.

@homedepot @lowes: 1 out of 3 bites of food need #bees! Stop selling bee-killing pesticides! #BeeAction @foe_us

Buzz kill: @Home Depot @Lowes: stop selling bee-killing pesticides #BeeAction @foe_us

And of course, sign the petition if you haven't already. And forward it to a friend.

TAKE ACTION: Home Depot and Lowe's: Stop Selling Bee-Killing Garden Plants!


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