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Enda Kenny, Eamon Gilmore, Charles Flanagan, Michael D O Higgins, Government of Ireland

Demand that Eamon Gilmore T.D., his replacement as Minister for Foreign Affairs, Charles Flanagan, Enda Kenny T.D. leader of the Government of Ireland, honor right, good, the trust placed in them, international Treaties on Human Rights, the Constitution of Ireland, the Passports Act 2008 and other laws and cease and desist from blatantly discriminating against my sister Pauline Conboy, a woman with Down's Syndrome. Eamon Gilmore and his Passport Director, Joseph Nugent, recalled and cancelled my sister's passport almost 2 years ago. They have never been able to provide a lawful or valid reason for this action against my sister and they took her rights away without due process of law in complete violation of the Laws of Ireland, the Constitution of Ireland as well as International Treaties on Human Rights which Ireland signed and agreed to. Furthermore, Joseph Nugent (Director of Passport Services) unlawfully denied Pauline's most recent application for a passport on February 5, 2013. He denied this application on the basis of "advice" he claimed to have received from an anonymous source which according to him, led the "Passport Service" to be "minded to form the view" that Pauline did not have "the mental capacity to understand the passport application process". There is no requirement in Ireland's Passports Act 2008 that any applicant pass a test to show that they have the "mental capacity" to "understand the application process". So not only has Pauline's original passport been recalled and cancelled without due process of law or valid reason, her most recent application was again illegally denied by Joseph Nugent.


William Xconboy

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Eamon Gilmore (Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ireland) recalled and cancelled Pauline Conboy's passport on December 16, 2011.   His successor since June 2014 Charles Flanagan continues to uphold...

Eamon Gilmore (Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ireland) recalled and cancelled Pauline Conboy's passport on December 16, 2011.   His successor since June 2014 Charles Flanagan continues to uphold Eamon Gilmore's unlawful and disgraceful actions against Pauline (and me).  Pauline is my sister and she was born with Down's Syndrome but that is no excuse to take advantage of her and deprive her of her rights!  Neither Eamon Gilmore/Charles Flanagan nor their staff have been able to provide a valid, legal or lawful reason for their despicable actions against Pauline.  Pauline has held at least three Irish passports over 3 decades and travelled extensively with, or to, my family and I over the years.  For the past almost 2 years now, she has been illegally deprived of her fundamental rights.  Please help us speak out and protest against such wrongful bullying and injustice.

As Pauline's brother and advocate, I have tried to no avail to get justice for Pauline through the "system" in Ireland, by amongst other things, filing Freedom of Information requests and appeals, making application to the Equality Authority and Equality Tribunal, writing to the President of Ireland, the Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, the Minister responsible, Eamon Gilmore, the Passport Director, Joseph Nugent, the Information Commissioner, Emily O' Reilly, the Attorney General of Ireland, Maire Whelan, the Law Society of Ireland, the Irish Council of Civil Liberties and others too numerous to mention.  All have failed to assist or dishonored their obligations in this case and now fail to respond at all, as if somehow this appalling and disgraceful treatment of Pauline and my family, will somehow just magically disappear!  The purpose of this petition is to bring public awareness to Pauline's plight and the enormous distress this has placed on our family.  Please help us shine the light on those who have mistreated Pauline and denied her basic human rights in secret (mine too - but that's a separate issue).  Injustices like this can only be covered up in secret.  Even though we are a private family, we have no choice now but to ask good people everywhere to help us get this injustice overturned.

[Contact information for the Department of Foreign Affairs Tel: (01) 4082000Passport Office Dublin Tel. +353 1 671 1633  If telephoning from Northern Ireland LoCall 0845 8504321]


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