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There are more than 20 million people in the United States alone who have some type of hearing loss (and identify as Deaf, deaf or hard of hearing). These people often do not have auditory access to videos online and depend on subtitling and/or transcripts to benefit from information in these videos. When social justice sites like Upworthy fail or refuse to offer visual access, they are not being socially just and they are depriving millions of people important information about the society they live in. Knowledge is power, and without knowledge, we are disempowered and potentially disenfranchised.

Deaf and hard of hearing people deserve access to the same information that all other people enjoy. Upworthy, PLEASE subtitle and/or offer transcripts for EVERY video!


Tara Congdon

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Show Upworthy that there is a significant demand for them to subtitle/transcribe their videos! 

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