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Increase Non-political Peace Building Dialogs to Help Modify Negative Human Behavior.

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Instead of continuing to allow ourselves to be at the mercy of ambitious political war agendas that are often fueled by over ambitious paranoid leaders abstracting truth and manipulating Holy Scriptures to suit their agenda, we have a chance to dramatically increase "Global Peace Talks" among common people who make up 99% of the global population.  

 Pledging to increase "Global Peace Talks" among common folk through all "Social, Print & Electronic Media" will eventually, over time decrease the global army of potential "Negative Confrontational Souls" and increase the army of "Positive Collaborative Souls" who are not persuaded, impressed nor intimidated by the ignorance and senselessness of "War, Hate and Conflict" and the paranoid World Leaders and Terrorist who promote such deadly, dark, negative and insidious behavior.  

 Such an increase of "Social Media Based Peace Talks" fueled by "Quality Marketing Campaigns" will over time, by the healing power of shear rational thought, will eventually replace destructive mindsets of "War, Hate and Conflict" with constructive mindsets of "Peace, Love & Unity".  

Pledging to increase "Global Peace Talks" among common folk will ultimately increase mankind's disapproval of "War, Terrorism & Conflict", make the Concept of World Peace Marketable and "Help Modify Negative Human Behavior".  Learn more about our efforts to "Help Make World Peace Marketable", "Help Modify Negative Human Behavior" and "Help Put Women & Children" First" on our Global Agenda at

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