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Screen my family's risk for breast cancer

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How this will help

One in three women will have cancer in their lifetime and one in eight will have breast cancer.  Screening helps reduce cancer deaths because doctors can catch the disease early.  October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. By helping to screen both yourself and your family, you can help better determine your family's risk for breast cancer, and better prevent it.

Pledge assignment:

  1. Ask and inquire about your extended family history of breast cancer (did your grandmother or great-aunt have breast cancer?)

  2. Get yourself (or spouse) an annual mammogram if you are over age 40 

  3. Remind a family member to get a comprehensive screening (remind your sister, mother, or aunt to get screened)

  4. Test yourself for BRCA genes for breast cancer risk (learn if you have a 90% chance of breast and overian cancers!)

  5. Learn and teach your family about how a healthy lifestyle changes can reduce breast cancer risk.
Pledge to take action in protecting your family against breast cancer. After you take the pledge, please post why this is important to you and report back about how your family is responding to prevention feedback. We'd love to hear your stories!


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