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Internet users are continuously at risk of the wrong people obtaining their private information over the internet for no good, or valid reasons. Private information is for sale at a very low price. For a trial membership of as little as .90 cents, (some are even free for up to a 7 day trial period), companies are allowing anyone to obtain personal information on people. Privacy Rights Clearinghouse at has the most extensive list of all the online "information brokers", currently 240 and counting.

This has become a very lucrative market, all at the expense of a person's privacy. Risk for identity theft has heightened just because these corporations have determined that their "brokering" of the information is very lucrative and leaves them, and their "members" without legal responsibility as to what information is accessible and how it is used.

Some people are even finding their information being posted on social media sites by others who are being malicious or spiteful and looking for a way to embarrass and harass another.

Stop these companies from making this information available on the internet. Require this "public" information to only be obtainable thru the custodial public/government agencies" it is filed with, requiring a fair but greater fee to be paid for records being sought such as birth certificates, list of relatives, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, criminal records, arrest records, traffic citations, address history, medical records, etc. to reduce the risk of abuse of such information.

Require that the inquiring party provide their own personal information and the reason for the inquiry with a signed release by the person whose information is being sought.

Enforce the right to privacy for the citizens within the United States!

Please sign this petition, telling President Barack Obama that regardless of what individual states are willing to allow, he needs to stand up for our citizens and protect their privacy.



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How this will help

This petition will help to limit accessibility by companies to people's personal and private information to protect them from threats, identity theft, public embarrassment, and harassment.

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