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Help reduce the over 5B lbs of food wasted annually

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How this will help

EcoBasket allows retailers the ability to promote perishable goods inventory at the store manger level & the capability of pushing notification coupons immediately to the consumer, eliminating currently accepted market standard promotional delays.  

With an overwhelming emphasis on fresh & organic perishables occupying over 38% store space , retail markets like Whole Foods, Fresh Market and many other innovative regional chains are desperately seeking a solution to keep up with the health conscious consumer.

EcoBaskets innovative platform will provide consumers a smartphone alternative to save, eliminate retailers need to produce paper circulars & save retail chains 100's of millions of dollars annually from their disposal of perishable foods. 

The GEO-Fenced capable app sent to the customer's smartphone will identify the location & deliver relevant coupons automatically as they enter the store. At checkout the consumers loyalty # is used to reference coupons & apply discounts automatically. •Immediate savings on fresh food fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy
•Eliminate the need for paper coupons and circulars
•Loyalty program to benefit the frequent shopper
•HUGE money savings weekly, monthly and yearly

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