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STOP Sacrificing Children in America

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Abolish Human Abortion in Michigan

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How this will help

"All Abolitionists are Pro-Life, but not all Pro-lifers are Abolitionists"

Why? Because as abolitionists we believe that abortion needs to end now, not another 43 years from now. The Pro-Life movement has used incremental steps to try and close down clinics, and pass laws, but babies are still dying at a rate of 3500 per day.

How? Because silent vigils do little to end the killing. Instead it allows abortionists to continue killing in peace and quiet, without being disturbed.  We will NOT be silent until we have effected it's abolition!

We agree that prayer is a powerful weapon against the enemy who is unseen, the Devil, who is behind the culture of death that fuels society to kill innocent babies for profit. 

We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is central to that of Abolition, and that all abolition is, is bringing Christianity into conflict with the culture at large

Join this movement by reading through the AHA website to make sure it's something you really want to do, and then find the closest society near where you live by using the map and listings on the AHA site. Also find us on Facebook under the heading "Abolitionist Society of Western Michigan".

If NO society is in your area of the state, we will help you start one in your part of the state. 

Go to http://www.abolishhumanabortion.org

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