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This past week our vets and techs and program coordinators were hard at work once again and on the road to provide free spay/neuter.  In Vatra Dornei 100 free spays/neuters were provided for the citizens animals, with a Mayor who welcomed us with open arms.  He knows the answer to ending strays is to stop the cycle of abandonment.  

Meanwhile, enroute to provide free spay/neuter in the small town of Ilanca, the Dream Team had a car accident....but that did not deter them from carrying out their mission of free spay/neuter as promised.  On they went to complete the mission!  

Now, this week, in Craiova, Dr. Aurelian Stefan is holding the Veterinary Training Camp to help train more vets on surgical procedures for spaying and neutering.  The work goes on, with your support as always.  When the going gets tough, well the tough really do get going!  

Thank you for reading this and please continue to support Romania Animal Rescue's hard work in Romania.  Paypal:  [email protected]


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