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To : Indian Parliament
We the citizens of India, demand an urgent legislation to make Prevention of Communal & Targeted Violence Bill 2011 into a law, so that future communal riots can be controlled.

Current provisions in our constitution do not allow intervening in any state by independent central forces, even when the violence keeps on and the whole world knows about it.


Tauqir Siddiqui

We demand Parliament to urgently make suitable amendment in the Bill, if any
necessary, and immediately pass it without any further delay….

Many lives could have been saved if the Communal Violence bill was in place, and the Central government would have intervened…

We demand swift deployment of central forces independently in the wake of any
future  riot, and such forces should act independently, without requesting
the state government and without acting under their command.

Communal Violence (Prevention, Control and Rehabilitation of Victims) Bill was  first
introduced in Rajya Sabha in 2005 and then referred to Parliamentary Standing
Committee, which submitted its report to Parliament in 2006.

The committee then issued reminders after reminders in March 2007, December 2008, February 2009, December 2009 and in February 2010 for consideration and passing of the Bill.

The provisions of the Bill included action against public servants for dereliction of duty, culpability for breach of responsibility, sanction for prosecution of public servants, accountability, victims' rights, relief and rehabilitation for all affected persons and a national standard for payment of compensation to victims.

The bill has not been enacted till date due to lack ofsincerity, moral depravation of political class and their large scale criminality, which is holding the country at ransom.

Although, the riots are continuing to happen with regularity, but after major ones, the government says it will get the bill enacted, shows some activity just to pacify the
affected community,... and forgets
thereafter….waiting for another
one…and it keeps on happening.


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