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I think that Marijuana can save some lives. Researchers have found that the plant can help cure cancer. It doesn't only help cure cancer but it also helps with MS, Depression, Pain, Etc. Not only does this plant help with certain illness' but it also never has killed anyone. Cigarettes have killed more people than marijuana has. The question is how do I know all of this? Well I have been researching if marijuana can do any harm to anyone for years. I have found it doesn't do harm at all. The harm the people say it does isn't true. LEGALIZE MARIJUANA!


Shanice George

This petition may help by helping those who smoke, drink or eat marijuana for a reason be able to go on planes with it and be able to smoke in the public if they absolutely have to. I am doing this petition for a person I know who has cancer and has a marijuana card and cant smoke in the public if she absolutely needs to for pain purposes.


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