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Please stand in solidarity with the people of San José Nacahuil.  Email Interior Minister López Bonilla and President Pérez Molina to let them know that you demand a thorough investigation, justice for those killed and wounded, and respect for this community.

On Saturday September 7, a massacre devastated the town of San José Nacahuil. Unknown men marched through the town of 7,500 and left 11 dead and at least a dozen wounded. The government responded by sending in police and military forces. Many believe the police played a role in the massacre. Long considered corrupt by residents, Nacahuil banished the National Civil Police, took security into its own hands, and has seen a reduced crime rate!

Townspeople are peacefully resisting the construction of a mine that they consider a threat to their way of life. With a heightened security presence, they fear that these forces will try to retaliate against them for exercising their legitimate right to protest. The residents of Nacahuil have suffered an enormous tragedy. They are fighting valiantly against forces that do not have their best interests at heart, but they need your help! Let the Guatemalan government know that you will be monitoring the events and standing by the people of Nacahuil in these trying times.


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