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Ohio State Senator Bill Seitz

I call on Ohio State Senator Bill Seitz to drop his senseless attacks on Ohio’s clean energy standards. Right now, Ohio and America’s economic and national security are at risk.

Ohio's clean energy standards - the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) and Energy Efficiency Resource Standard (EERS) - are critical to securing our energy future and strengthening Ohio’s economic security. These important laws give Ohioans the choice to include more homegrown energy options, like wind and solar, and make utilities more energy efficient. Bill Seitz wants to gut these two common sense laws that were passed with bi-partisan support in 2008. 

It’s time for Ohio to fight for its energy future. American security will be dependent upon innovation, an Ohio tradition. Our military is aggressively developing renewable energy and energy efficient technologies that strengthen national security and enhance mission capability. 

Senator Seitz, we need you to stand with our military and support clean, renewable energy sources that will keep Ohio and America safe and strong.


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This is just the shot across the bow. A fierce battle over clean energy is underway all across the country. More and more state legislators are introducing bills backed by dirty energy...

This is just the shot across the bow. A fierce battle over clean energy is underway all across the country. More and more state legislators are introducing bills backed by dirty energy interests that seek to repeal common sense renewable energy laws – laws that are creating thousands of jobs and strengthening our energy security. Ohio is an important battleground state and bellwether of changes to come. Now is our chance to draw a line in the sand and send a message that we will not tolerate attacks on clean, renewable energy that strengthen our economy and reduce our dangerous dependence on fossil fuels. 

Single-source dependence on fossil fuels is a threat to our national security.  Our military knows firsthand how limited energy options – like dependence on oil – can affect mission capability and put military service member lives at risk.   

Investments in clean energy technologies strengthen mission capability and national security.  To power its operations, the military is heavily dependent upon a single source of energy – oil.  The military powers everything from tanks to fighter jets to Humvees to generators with oil. Delivering that oil on the battlefield is a dangerous job. In response to these challenges, the military is investing in next-generation energy technologies that reduce our single-source dependence and diversify our energy options which protect our men and women in uniform when they carry out their mission.      

For example, the Marine Corps has used reduced the number of fuel convoys needed to supply Forward Operating Bases by using renewable energy technologies, like solar blankets and solar tents, to recharge the batteries that power their equipment. 

Energy efficiency can save the military – and Ohioans - vital resources and money. Investments in energy efficiency reduce the amount spent on wasted energy, allowing the military to reallocate funds for other mission-critical operations like training and readiness.  For Ohio, every $1 invested in energy efficiency saves Ohio ratepayers $3 on their utility bills.

Manufacturing equipment for renewable energy projects and for making homes more energy efficient is a growing industry in America, especially in Ohio. These attacks on Ohio's clean energy and energy efficiency policies are jeopardizing over 25,000 jobs – with many of these positions held by veterans who find their skill sets are well suited for work in this emerging sector.   

Senator Seitz wants to prevent Ohio from choosing its energy sources and eliminate investments in renewables.  If we can stop the attacks on these critical laws, we will show state legislators across America that we trust the military when they say that renewable energy secures our energy future. 

Sign the petition, share with your friends and tell America that you believe clean renewable energy in Ohio, keeps us all safe and strong.


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