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Surinder Kandola, owner of DPGS Ltd, the UK's largest Domino's Pizza franchisee

As I told Bally Brar, Vinod Neerajaksha and other top DPGS executives before I was fired from the company, you, Mr Kandola are uniquely positioned to reform Domino's Pizza's business practices not only in the UK, but globally.

You can do it by desisting from making dodgy, domineering "secret" deals that pit your workers against each other in a cynical, exploitative divide-and-rule strategy.

Deals like the anti-competitive, monopolistic one that you seem to have made with the student union of at least one UK university.

Do you want to be remembered as "The Bashar al-Assad of the fast food industry?

Would you not rather be hailed as a "Pizza Peace-Maker" like Mahatma Ghandi!


Junior Campbell

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Like, the cynical, sinister Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his rape and murder rationalizing Russian and other allies (and enemies), Surinder Kandola, owner of the UK's largest Domino's

Like, the cynical, sinister Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his rape and murder rationalizing Russian and other allies (and enemies), Surinder Kandola, owner of the UK's largest Domino's
Pizza franchisee, DPGS Ltd, is not only squeezing the life out of his commercial competitors (one DPGS Regional Manager once told me that she was going to "shut down" the rival "Papa John" pizza store on Colman Street in Norwich, England), his Sarin gas-like cynicism is very likely also choking the precious, priceless, youthful open-mindedness and optimism out of the most promising students at the University of East Anglia (UEA) and other British colleges and universities.

Jeremy Hunte MP, Secretary of State at England's Department of Health may be investigating an apparently dodgy, monopolistic, deal that DPGS has struck with the UEA student union as you read. He was asked to do so at the request of Simon Wright MP, to whose attention I drew this matter (in an open letter published in my capacity as a citizen journalist). 

I am asking your help for my efforts to rehabilitate/reform DPGS-Domino's Pizza. Together we can persuade the millionaire entrepreneur Mr Kandola to operate more ethically.

And his conversion to a more humane capitalism will inspire other captains of commerce, hopefully.

In particular, I note the need for the "Snack Food 20", to reform their corporate strategies.

According to Rainforest Action Network (RAN) this influential group of companies (including Campbell Soup Company; ConAgra Foods, Inc.; Dunkin' Brands Group, Inc.; General Mills, Inc.; Grupo Bimbo; Hillshire Brands Company; H.J. Heinz Company; Hormel Foods Corporation; Kellogg Company; Kraft Food Group, Inc. and others) use of "conflict palm oil" in their products is threatening the world's orangutans with extinction.

Those gentle creatures, among our closest evolutionary kin, also need space to be and breathe.

The basic goal of my campaign is two-fold:

1. to promote ethical, ecologically judicious business practices by entrepreneurs like Mr Kandola and 

2. to promote worker creativity, efficiency, empowerment and self-sufficiency.

My efforts coincide with those of millions of minimum wage earning, fast-food and other high-profit-making, low-wage-paying industry employees in the United States.

I am greatly encouraged by this coincidence. I believe that through our combined efforts we can redress the capitalist excesses and extravagances of recent decades.

Please join this effort. There are many ways you can support it in the long and short term.
This petition is just one of them.

Communication is the key. 

By utilizing all the communications technology at our disposal we can make our separate and collaborative efforts maximally effective. We can avoid duplication of efforts and ensure that the most urgent needs are given due attention.

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