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After learning the below details, please sign the petition to Governor Chris Christie to get him to investigate the evidence to this government corruption.                            

Please understand when it comes to government fraud, there is no Statute of Limitations.

Stop American Political Abuse Of Power - Their own special 'Brotherhood'

Concerned Citizen Refuses To Give Up Bringing Justice To Some Corrupt Government  Lawyers

When lawyers have government political power...

The definition of an attorney is a person who is appointed to act professionally on behalf of another regarding legal matters. 

The attorney, Robert Correale and his law firm, Maynard & Truland, did not act on behalf of a client, in fact they worked against their client and were grossly negligent. The law firm of Maynard & Truland overcharged per hour and billed for services not rendered. Robert Correale  came            to court unprepared for case arbitration, which forced the client to represent himself as Correale sat quietly in his  chair. The law firm exhibited extremely poor communications throughout the entire case.

Not abiding by their own contract, the client did not feel he should pay above the retainer fee for professionally services he was not provided.

The law firm brought the remaining open bill to Superior Court.                   After seeing the evidence of the law firm's own contract, their invoices, court-filed documents and court-filed letters,  the judge threw out the law firm's open bill case.

The judge then ruled that their client was allowed to sue for                            damages in a higher level of Superior Civil Court.

When the client asked for a copy of the Superior Court transcript, he was informed by the court clerk that the actual judge's ruling was missing from the court audio  and could not be typed.

The client soon learned that his former attorney, Robert was not                  only a general practice attorney for his law firm, Maynard & Truland, but Correale was also actively serving as an assistant district attorney in the State of New Jersey and was also serving as a member of New Jersey's Supreme Court Office of Attorney Ethics.  The missing court transcript was NOT so strange now.  Someone in the New Jersey Superior Court system was protecting Robert Correale, and the image of the State of New Jersey legal system.

With Robert Correale and Maynard & Truland saved in Superior Court by a missing court transcript audio, the former client still wanted to bring them to justice.

He filed a complaint in the New Jersey's Office of Attorney                              Ethics.  This New Jersey Supreme Court department insisted that Robert Correale's own Attorney Ethics committee do the investigation of him and his law firm.

Eventually, Correale and Maynard & Truland were cleared of all charges.      (The law calls this a Conflict of Interest...)

However, Correale resigned from his Supreme  Court position two weeks after his former client accused him of lying in his sworn Certification to the Supreme Court.                                   

After a few years, he returned to this position.

After over 10 years, the client is still trying to bring them to justice.

The State of New Jersey claims nothing can be done for the                        missing court transcript. (Superior Court transcripts go missing sometimes…)

The State of New Jersey claims also  that the Statute of Limitations is now in play and nothing could be done with these charges any longer.

The federal Department of Justice (DoJ) claims this matter is a state issue and must be handled by the State of New Jersey.

Governor Chris Christie continues to look the other way…  (Robert Correale is a friend of Chris Christie)

What adds to the twists and turns is the fact that the former client served in combat in the Marines during the Vietnam War  and is Purple Heart awarded, PTSD disabled.   And he refuses to give up.

Please call (And have your family and friends call) Governor Chris Christie's office at 609-292-6000 and say, "Jack Cunningham deserves his                      investigation request against Robert Correale and his former law firm, Maynard & Truland."

Please sign the petition to Governor Chris Christie to get him to investigate the evidence to this government corruption.                                     (Robert Correale is a friend of Chris Christie)


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