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How this will help

Green Wish is a grassroots, non-profit organization that funds local, green organizations. Our mission is to support all types of organizations that work toward creating a future that is sustainable, clean and eco-friendly. 

What started as a dream is fast becoming a movement.  Over the years we have discovered that Green Wish offers much more than supplemental monies to support important work in the community.   

 First we focus on awareness—getting the word out so individuals who have an interest and a commitment know about both the routine and the groundbreaking work being done in their local community and how to get involved in a variety of ways.   

 We are also developing educational tools to support schools in beginning or developing the sustainability conversation with children and their families.  Many of our non-profits already have school based outreach programs.  As we expand the sustainability education program, the feedback we get from educators and administrators will be used to identify and develop additional curriculum.  We focus on elementary school students because we know that integrating sustainability as a part of good citizenship is a key factor in the future of the planet. 

As a natural result of increasing awareness and education, we are able to expand fundraising, both efforts and results.  Expanded fundraising means broader or deeper work in local communities, increasing awareness, developing more tools, and the cycle continues.

If we go back to that first step, increasing awareness, our video campaign is clearly about increasing awareness and building community.  "What's Your Green Wish?" is the grassroots campaign with a place for everyone.  Everyone can find themselves there.  For a child, that might be enough leaves for their pet turtle.  For a senior, it may be the certainty that their grandchildren will have clean water and air.  Business owners might be seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint.  Moms and dads might be looking for ways to teach their children about eating healthier foods.  There are so many ways to define "green" or sustainability, everyone has a Green Wish.   

Steps to submit your Green WIsh:

  1. Identify what is personally important to you about the environment, food, health, even green commerce.
  2. Film a 15-20 second video of you sharing that Green Wish.
  3. Start your video by saying "My Green Wish is......"
  4. Upload the video to our campaign page.
  5. Ask your friends to take this important step to have their voices be heard.
Keep watching here and our website,, to see if you are featured in our video collage of Green Wishes.

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