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I pledge to support healthy kids and families

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We all have a role to play in the prevention of child abuse and neglect. Whether you are a parent, friend of a parent, or member of the community, you have the chance to help parents be the best parents they can be and help kids be as healthy as they can be. Pledge today to take one of the following steps to help children and families in your community:

  • Offer a helping hand to a parent you know. For example, take care of the kids for a night so the parent can relax and recharge, cook meals or help with homework
  • Promote programs in your school that teach prevention strategies to parents, teachers, and children, like after-school sports and education programs, or early-start programs
  • Organize a block party to build cohesion and trust in your neighborhood and community. Check this website here for some event ideas!
  • Call your local legislator to advocate for policies and programs that support families and children
  • Volunteer with local child abuse prevention programs (for programs in your area, call 1-800 CHILDREN), or places like food pantries and daycare centers. 
Together, we can make great changes in the world. Pledge to build a better future for our nation, and join us as we do everything we can to support families and children in America.


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