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SAY NO To Romania until the massacres of stray dogs STOP.

This pledge closed almost 4 years ago

How this will help

PLEASE READ, SIGN the petition and SHARE....Thank you...Thank you OFA !!!!!!!!!!! YOU give so much hope to the voiceless and all good people, everywhere.

I invite you all to join this magnificent voice for animals on Facebook : Occupy for Animals...

QUOTE from a post about Romania on Occupy for Animals 

" Imagine if you will looking deep into a bottomless, dark Pit of Death with the knowledge that slowly but progressively, corpse will be heaped upon corpse until the pit becomes a mountain. 

The pit exists! It is in the broken land called Romania where a Government will address their historic abject failures by 'exterminating' the entire population of homeless animals. 

We stand this day as fellow human beings bound together by a shared compassion and sense of justice. Of such are made the building blocks of civilisation. Today is one of those mercifully rare moments in history where species separation is determined by the abuse of power of a handful of individuals.Species separation has been historically determined by Man.

 From the religious concept of 'soul' through Immanuel kant's 'autonomous abilities'. But when the definition seeking is over and all the books are closed, differentiation melts into the loving warmth expressed between a child and his companion, between those who are lonely and their best friend and the family of five who know that really they are six. 

But another agenda now appears. A slaughter without precedent! An animal holocaust! Many hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of potential victims across a country. 

A land where the cold mist of death will drift through every highway, every alleyway and carry away to destruction, all innocence consigned by ineptitude and corruption, to live on the streets.Is this horrific enough?Is this ill-conceived enough? Is this divisive enough? Millions of animal lovers will seek to protect their own animals or the animals they 'protect' on the streets. 

Millions! Half a country will seek to defend and protect and the other half will seek to aggress.How strongly this will be enacted, will determine Romania's future. 

Violence against persons is already prevalent. Should licence be given by the Constitutional Court then there will be neighbor against neighbor... and history has taught the lesson of violence and destruction in a country divided!NOW is the moment which comes but once in a lifetime. 

A moment when YOU can change the future for those in a distant land. Fellow creatures, both human and animal now plead with the outside world to help them. YOUR signature can help prevent an 'extermination' program across a country. By signing you can help to stop the pain which will flow across this land like a river. With your signature, threats and violence can be removed. T

he world can now show a forlorn, hapless governing body how civilization has really been built... on the foundations of compassion and justice for all!Thank you!

PLEASE SIGN NOW! Tomorrow may be too late! " 

And now an example of "Romanian style euthanasia" 

 In this video the Romanian president Basescu, at that time mayor of Bucharest, said about the stray dogs: "We will take care of them like if they were our children."


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