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Light warriors is the global membership initiative of the Ricky Martin Foundation. Our goal is to create an army of peacemakers to denounce and combat human trafficking . By joining our fight and recruiting others you will help us end modern day slavery. A light warrior is defined by honor and bravery. Their aim is to do justice and find peace for those who have been deprived from their freedom.

Become a Light Warrior and help us make our education community programs and awareness campaigns to prevent human trafficking a reality. Your support will further strengthen our research about this modern scourge, and help us build us the Tau Center for Children in Puerto Rico.With your monthly or annual contribution ($ 2.00 - $ 50.00), you become a global member of the Ricky Martin Foundation. You will receive our quarterly newsletter, e-blasts, information on how you can help deter and report child exploitation, and you will be able to participate in our raffles. 


Light Warriors will receive:

I. RMF Quarterly Newsletter

II. Raffles Memorabilia/ Merchandise RMF 

III. Your e-certificate for the Warrior Beam for Facebook

Join our army of peaceful warriors to end human trafficking.

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