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Internships are not a good way to land a job. One survey found that graduating seniors with unpaid internship experience did no better than seniors without internship experience at finding a job. Another concluded that a measly 17% of surveyed students received a job offer after their internship. The exception is paid internships, which did lead to job offers. 

Internships are a free revenue source for colleges and universities, which pocket thousands of dollars for each student that interns for academic credit. Instead of paying professors to teach their students, they can receive the same tuition money for sanctioning unpaid work under the guise of an educational opportunity. 

Internships are an overwhelmingly illegal and cynical practice. With 11 lawsuits in progress, and a victory for two Hollywood interns against the studio where they worked already in the books this year, the courts may finally rule as such.

This pledge, with your help, will help draw a little more attention on the perpetrators of this system. 

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