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Help raise $30,000 to give Opondo's friends every opportunity to surrender and escape Kony's LRA.

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Opondo was 10 years old when he was kidnapped by Kony's LRA 15 years ago. A former child soldier, Opondo recently surrendered in DR Congo holding a "come home" flier. Other members of Opondo's LRA group want to escape, but they are afraid. We can assure them it's safe by producing fliers with Opondo's photo and instructions for surrendering. Help us raise $30,000 so that we can air-drop 30,000 fliers.Invisible Children's staff in central Africa is working with partners to create and print "come home" fliers to be dropped over Opondo's group early next week.Help us give Opondo's friends every opportunity to surrender.

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To learn more about Opondo's story click HERE.

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