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How this will help

We are  working to put together a systematic list of the benefits of empathy.  We want to create a wiki to show people why empathy and compassion are important and beneficial. The challenge question is: How might we most powerfully articulate, describe and express the benefits of empathy?  Join here

* What do you see as the benefits of empathy?
What are your personal stories and insights?

* How does empathy promote or enhance your well being and the people you care about? 

* How does empathy help support and meet your needs, values, aspirations and dreams?

Join the Project Team to Put Together this List of Benefits. 
I'd like to form a team to systematically lay out how empathy is beneficial. Are you interested in joining the team? We especially need people to research and who are good writers, story tellers, graphic artists, etc. We will research, write up and create a series of short video clips. One video on each benefit of empathy.

Project Meeting Saturday, Sept 14th. 10 am PST 

We will hold the first project team meeting onSaturday, Sept 14th. 10 am PST We use Google Video Hangouts which can host up to 9 people. Here is how to set that up

Edwin Rutsch

Director  Center for Building a Culture of Empathy


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