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Growth in visitors to PEERS websites ( and others) has averaged about 20% per year since 2006 while staffing has remained the same.  With about 10,000 site visitors/day and rapidly growing enrollment in PEERS' online courses, more staff time is needed to assist students, manage website content (10,000 pages) and coordinate related communications.

It's time to take PEERS to the next level and an excellent candidate has stepped forward.

Successful completion of this fundraising campaign will allow PEERS to hire this additional staff member.  The proposed candidate:

1.  Completed PEERS' course in 2008 and was very much inspired by it.

2. Has already demonstrated passion and resourcefulness using social networking and his own website to spread information about many of the same political and spiritual issues PEERS focuses on.  

3. Has a friend base of 5,000 (max) and an additional 1,250 followers on Facebook for his work waking people up about PEERS' topics.

The "Truth Movement" (for want of a better name) has plenty of individuals doing great work and it is time to develop more effective groups to keep from re-inventing the wheel and to cover issues with both the depth and rigor necessary to convince a broader range of people that what's really going on in the world today is much different from what we're told by the major news networks.

Together we can raise important issues up to get the attention deserved and become part of the global dialog.  Please give what you can.


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