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People must know that the political parties in Nigeria are peopled by Nigerians. The PDP, being the largest party in Nigeria is a representation of Nigeria and the Nigerian aspirations. If PDP is bad then it's because Nigerians are bad. Should we say that the Nigerian is inherently bad? Should we say that nothing good can come out of Nigeria?

Just like there are bad Nigerians there are also good Nigerians. The PDP typifies the Nigerian. We want people to know that just like there are good Nigerians in the midst of many bad Nigerians so also the PDP. Just like we cannot hope to get this country fixed by non Nigerians so we cannot expect Nigeria to be fixed by non PDP people.

The PDP  is the largest party in Nigeria. Nay, in Africa. It is on ground in every Ward. What better platform should a good man use to get to power? Just like we say good people must come into politics we also say good people must used the established platform of the PDP to touch the lives of Nigerians.

We make bold to say that here is a man that is a good Nigerian. Here is a good PDP chieftain. Here is a good Deltan and here is a good Urhobo man. If we are looking for a credible person to represent Delta Central, we have him in the person of Dr Abel Dafiaghor.

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