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Have people save their spare change from now till Oct 30th.

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How this will help

This pledge will help because it will introduce people back into humanity. WE need to show each other compassion and sympathy. WE need to start helping each other. This is a very important pledge for me and I hope you will pledge with me and join in making a difference in the world. Please save the money until Oct 30h and please post pictures of your good deeds if you can on my Facebook page. The address is It starts with shoes.You can spend the money on food for the homeless or toys for the children in shelters near you or maybe pay a bill for someone that you know is struggling with their finances or however you can think of to help someone who is less fortunate. Spread the good works and the world will spin in a positive direction. Individually WE are one drop, but together WE are an ocean. We can change the world together! Please take this pledge with me. Thank you for being human and bringing back humanity.

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