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Facebook - Joe Sullivan, Facebook Chief of Security

In August of 2012, Facebook released a report that over 83 million accounts on FB are fakes/dupes, accounting for 8.7% of the 955 million users on FB around the world. Yes, a mere 8.7%. And of those 83 million, only 22.9 million (or 2.4% of all accounts on FB) are for groups, businesses and pets and are considered miscategorized and should be converted to Pages. Facebook has decided that all of these accounts must be deactivated.

For those of us who use are pet profiles for rescue work (which constitutes the majority of people who have pet profiles) the problems with converting personal pet profiles to pages are numerous:

1 - You cannot "friend" or "like" other personal accounts to stay updated on dogs needing rescue. Others can "like" your page, but you cannot reciprocate and therefore cannot view animals in need.

2 - You cannot send outgoing messages when you identify an animal in need

3 - Many of us have been maintaining these accounts for several years and are unaware when people are deleted/converted to pet profiles. Finding these people becomes very challenging (especially when we only know each other by our "dog's names"

4 - Those of us who use our "pets profiles" for rescue purposes do not like mixing personal and rescue business. If FB believes that by keeping everyone's real identities will truly keep us safer, they are dead wrong. I have 2 identities: 1 for personal use for friends and family, and 1 for rescue work and there's a (big) reason for this: I don't want people that I don't know personally viewing photos of my family and doing God knows what with them if I were to friend them on the only profile I'd have left if Facebook removed my pet aka rescue account.

Bottom line, hundreds of thousands of people have been able to connect on Facebook to save probably just as many animals in need by using semi-private accounts that don't put their families at risk of being identified. By removing pet profiles, Facebook is limiting the number of animals that can be saved each and every day because of a "rule" that requires real identities (even though ONLY 2.4% of accounts are like this).

Facebook, I have to ask you this: Do you really think that my "dog's page" poses more of a risk to public safety than a pedophile who uses their REAL name and is friends with people who are unaware that they are actually a pedophile?

Please, stop deleting pet accounts - they do more good than many real accounts


Layla McStinkerson

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By signing this campaign, it is our hope that Facebook will stop deleting pet profiles so that we can continue to save dogs 


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