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Support NoToDogMeat/Join us November 5th in London

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NoToDogMeat is the campaigning arm of the charity/NGO the World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade.

Our Mission is clear, we seek to raise as much awareness as we can through events and education on the desperate plight of the millions of cats and dogs farmed in pitiful conditions or sold ( often former pets) into the food chain.

We oppose the ancient tradition of deliberately making the animals suffer, beating them to raise adrenalin levels, skinning them alive, blowtorching their fur whilst alive and in the case of cats boiling them alive.

We are a people led movement of committed individuals who want this atrocity to end. Our charity campaigns on an international intergovernmental and legislative level  and our movement gets out onto the streets to make some noise!

November 5th the Korean  President will come to London to meet her Majesty the Queen. We hope these two women both mothers and in the case of our queen a huge dog lover will hear us. Our official government petition has the required 10,000 signatures for the foreign office to respond and we will be protesting outside the embassy and along the mall.

Let's all stand united on this.


Join us - Support us by buying a t shirt or with a donation- down load a flyer - join an event. 



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