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Governor Rick Scott, Attorney General Holder

It is time to take another look at Cannabis.

Over the years, we have heard stories of "reefer madness", people going insane and lusting for sex under the influence of marijuana. Those stories couldn't be anything further than what actually happens.

Cannabis by itself is one of the safest substances known to man, with no known LD50 (overdose amount). It has been recognized to treat several different conditions and diseases, even send cancer into remission, and help to ease the pain of those who suffer from seizures.

Yet it's still illegal, for some reason.

Govenor Scott, I ask that you look past the rhetoritc that has peppered the media for the past couple of decades, and see that even though Washington and Colorado have legalized it for private consumption, they haven't been razed to the ground.

And Attorney General Holder, if Governor Scott does put this through, all I ask is that you and the DOJ would respect Florida's sovereign right to regulate controlled substances as they see fit.


Eli Bocjub

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