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Save the Dome!

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I pledge my support for saving and reinventing the Astrodome, the "Eighth Wonder of the World."

The Astrodome – the world's first domed stadium. It's a feat of architectural ingenuity, a symbol of innovation and exploration. When first built, the stadium was hailed as the "culmination of foresight, daring, faith, and dreams of the people of Harris County" – a promise it can still fulfill not just for Houstonians, but for fans across the country.

By signing this pledge, I'm adding my voice to the thousands of visitors who have cheered from the Astrodome's seats over the decades, and who want to see it shine again as a one-of-a-kind events venue. 

As a resident of Harris County, I realize that the future of the Dome is in my hands. That's why on November 5, I will vote FOR Proposition 2, which will allow redevelopment bonds to be issued to fund the reuse of the Dome.

The time is now to save the Astrodome – our Astrodome.

PS: Not voting in Harris County? We still need you! Take this pledge and help us show just how many people support a bright future for the Dome. 


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